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The Players Society is dedicated to community involvement and giving back, in addition to fitness and workouts. Because of the lack of social and economic resources, many inner-city athletes are left behind. We want to make a difference in our community and help talented athletes get better opportunities.

If you believe in serving the community and fighting for a better life for the less fortunate, support us by clicking the button below and make a donation to The Players Society Foundation.

TPS Foundation

The TPS Foundation Is a 501(c) Non-Profit Focused on Developing The Mental, Physical, and Financial Health of Today’s Athlete.

By supporting our mission, you will be partly responsible for developing:


Expanded Access To Fitness Resources

Making sure underprivileged youth get access to quality fitness and training resources.


Athlete Mental Health & Wellness

Promoting awareness and giving athletes sincere mental and emotional support.


Athlete Education & Economic Empowerment

Providing athletes with educational tools to develop sustainable financial literacy.

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